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Alf the Label – BABY BAGS FOR STYLISH MUMS. The baby bag you’ve been searching for is here! Designed in Australia, your high-quality nappy/diaper/baby bag is made of leather + cowhide and can strap to your pram/stroller. Also includes a change mat with room for everything mum life! Perfect baby shower gift idea. #babybag #nappybag

Being on an outing without a good nappy bag can be stressing and a bad experience for every loving mother. Changing diapers while away from home is not like taking a piece of cake. It’s an experience that requires care and availability of the right items including a bag. For less trouble and enjoyable outings with your family, here are the features of a good bag. Ease of Use If you always struggle with your bag while out there or find it difficult to use, then never repeat the mistake of getting a similar one next time you go buying another one. A good nappy bag should be easy to handle giving you the opportunity to change diapers for your child freely and comfortably. Also, such a bag should be spacious and made from good material. Bags with deep interiors and small openings are not the best ones to use for keeping soiled nappies. You need something easy to handle without struggling touching everything inside looking for a particular item. Perfect Fit and Style Well, you’ll mostly use a nappy bag when going out for functions and events away from home. That means you need one of perfect style that matches your outing outfits. You need to look for one of a good style that either completes or complements your outfits. You cannot miss one from the very many styles out there in the store. Other features like quality of material also play a role in choosing one that’s okay for you. All you need is a formula for getting and you’ll certainly find it.