How to Style A Dress Shirt & Always Look Stylish At Work

Appearance at the office really means everything. 🙌 Take it from Business Insider. They say a Yale study found that well dressed individuals earn 3 times more money than those who are poorly dressed.💰How do you, broke young professional, do the same without spending a dime? Well, the loophole is learning to wear 1 item multiple ways. Click this article to read about how to wear 1 dress shirt 8 ways. Number 7 is a must know! 😃 You’ll now be able to move your career fo

Choice of men’s dress shirts is inclusive of a big array of designs and styles. Stripes and plaid fabric have been the most famous options in men’s shirts so far. But now polka dots and mix and match designs also have taken their place in the top choices. Though, men’s shirts do not have the option t be adorned like women’s shirts yet there are some details that magnify the appearance of a shirt greatly. Take the example of buttons. Choosing buttons in contrasting bright colors can change the look of your shirt from simple and dull to attractive and trendy. Cuff-links is another way to add personality to your shirt. They come in so many different designs and styles that you can always find there a pair to adorn your shirt for an occasion so special. Plaid and striped shirts make a fine choice when you like to pair them with chinos, khakis and jeans.  Whether you layer it with a neck-tie or no, this cool formal style is very famous among the youth. Every day office time is made comfortable in soft fabric men’s dress shirts. But when it comes to put on a full suit, look for shirts in plain fabric. Trendy designs in shirts now have taken this simple formal attire to a new level. With innovative designs and many different colorful fabrics, men’s shirts now look stunningly appealing. So, go for the top best choices in design and style to stand out with your dress among your friends and colleagues.