How to Style Saddle Shoes in 2018 by Budget Fashionista

Woman wearing blazer, blue button down top, black pants and saddle shoes

Saddle shoes are shoes with low heels. Their main feature is the toe that remains plain and a decorative saddle-shaped panel that is evident at the mid feet. They are in most cases made of leather and are usually available in white color with black saddle or brown with black saddle. They are worn by both men and women. This type of shoe has come a long way since 1900s when they were first introduced. They remain icons of vintage in terms of style and it is only proper that we have a look at their evolution over the years. 1900s The first shoes to be introduced were white in color with black saddle. They also featured squared toes. Although they were originally designed for male golfers, women too loved them. 1930s Construction of this type of shoe changed in the 1930s due to depression. Their soles were henceforth made of Crepe rubber instead of the usual rubber. The 1930s designs featured white stitches and laces. 1940s The 1940s was the period for saddle shoes. They were designed in brown and cream colors and men wore them with business suits and women with afternoon attire. 1950s This is the period when this type of shoe became available in several different colors including black, red and green. Teens came to prefer this type of shoe over any other type, something that promoted sales tremendously. 1960s This is the period when the shoes became almost like school uniform. Almost every boy and girl wore the shore not only in school but in everyday life. Modern Saddle Shoes Saddle shoes have never lost their taste ever since they were introduced. This type of shoe is back with a bang and it is only a matter of time before it is seen on the feet of famous actors as actresses, just the same way it was in the 1900s.