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4071 Lee Rd #250, Cleveland, OH 44128 United States of America
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Best StyleoFit Reviews

I was over charged the price say $48 for gel I got short square gel nothing more nothing less and was charged 59.50 it's always a different price everytime I go I see why alot of ppl is starting to do nails these prices and this shop is always fast don't get me wrong but it's like they pick and choose who nails to do the best. I have a lot more to say but I'll keep for another time. I don't hate this place but they def changed over the years

Had to get it in this am with my Sissy Tom does a great job on the nails and Anderson is the FREAKING truth for your Pedi❣️❣️❣️

The old guy who did my nails was nice but did not do my nails right. They were crooked and acrylic build up under my nails and didn't want to correct his work. Won't allow him to ever do my nails again.

I paid $109 for a mani and pedi which included a tip. My nails started chipping the next day and I have gel polish. I will never return and would not recommend ????

Ok so pictures don't do them justice. I had a man doing my nails, the place was partly full and they were still very fast. I loved their work, but I added a couple stickers once I was home. I would go on a Monday because it went so fast. I was able to go choose my colors before to make the process a little quicker. I got acrylic coffin shaped nails at medium length and will be going back for my fill ins. They were polite and decently priced. The shape was the only thing that cost extra and only by $2.00. worth it for any one looking to have beautiful nails!!

If you like big clunky, chunky weird shaped acrylics this is the place for you. The tech was rude & borderline disrespectful. For the first time I felt like what I've heard a lot of people say about these nail shops for years. They have a LOT of nerve to come into our black neighborhoods making a living off of people of color and think that any type of rude unprofessional behavior is acceptable! I'm so angry & annoyed that I stayed, it was my bday weekend and they did take me into a chair speedily. In the long run however the convenience simply wasn't worth it. The nails were ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE & the tech had the worst attitude and service I have ever experienced at a nail shop in my life. I DO NOT recommend!! Needless to say I won't ever, ever be back! Do not go in here, it's time they learn to treat paying customers with dignity and respect! And work on the quality of the product!

I've been going here since 2017. I've only had an issue twice - the second time they were actually closed but the manager saw me in the parking lot and when I explained my issue they took me in and fixed my issue on the spot. And I love that I can get my gel removed with a rotating file instead of just soaking in acetone which destroys my cuticles. They get super busy which is a sure sign of a great shop so be prepared to wait your turn!

Good and quick service, even thought it was confusing bacause I only want it to color my natural nails. The girl who helped me did a good job with my gel nail polish and a little design.


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