Tiger & Leopard Outfits 2013 for Women by

For work would substitute red jeans for slacks and booties with animal print or black heel or flat depending on work environment.

Pants give every woman that elegant and glamorous look. But, just like the bras, the pants are quite difficult to buy. The fancy designs have been created with different styles that are suitable for different body types. There are also different brands and they all offer unique designs. You therefore need to know exactly what type of pants you want. Factors that you need to consider The different pants come in different colors- each designed to create a different appearance. If you want that confident and elegant appearance, the red pants are perfect for you. Apart from the color, you also need to consider the materials that have been used.
  • Linen; they are lightweight and natural
  • Cotton;
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
You need to consider the length of the pants. Of course the length differs from design to design. If you are going to wear heals, the length of the pants will be different compared to the pants you will wear if you are wearing sandals. You therefore should buy the red pants differently in regards to the type of shoes that you are going to wear. Other details There are other details that you need to consider including the;
  • Pants pockets; you should consider the number of pockets included in the pants whether front or back pockets. If you are pear shaped, you should avoid pants with side pockets because they will make you look larger.
  • The lining of the pants
  • Waistbands