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Not clean unprofessional the polish that they do have is old instead of throwing it out and buying new the just add acetone. Some random guy walked in off the street blasting music walked all through the shop I felt unsafe. I had to ask 3 times for the shape on my toes to be fixed. I paid for the deluxe pedicure and it was terrible the person that did my service didn't even wrap my legs and feet in the warm towel just tossed it on me I won't be back

DIRTY! Whole salon just looks gross. Foot baths dirty. Charged $58 for a gel pedi & a regular pedi for a man … not having it. Our pedicures should not have been the same price. I’ve previously had issues with this place but gave them a chance because they were close and convenient, at this point I will not be back.

I received the best pedicure service in the ???? world. I apologize for not remembering the young lady name.(last pedicure seat).She was very professional and gentle with my feet.I will definitely keep coming to this place.

The 2nd time i went, I was not pleased. An older Gentleman gave me a gel set pedicure and a couple days later, my 3rd toe nail split and peeled off. I looked at my account and saw where he had overcharged me $10 for an extra service he asked to give but I said not at this time. I called the manager to request $10 refund. He refused and wanted to argue.

Very rude, unprofessional! The lady Joy can't speak English is very rude and does what she wants not what the customer wants, pedicure quick unprofessional and I would recommend anyone to this place ????

This was my go to for nails... But after today I will not return... We are a trying to find ways to save money and still live.. so I purchased my own gel nail polish so I could save that extra money and still get my manicure... However they still charged me for the gel polish even though I bought my own... so I will take my business elsewhere where I know they only charge you for the services the provide/use of THEIR OWN product.

I went here...the first 2 pics are in the shop...and they really thought I was gonna walk out with my toes looking like who done it and why, I took 3-4 times to get my toes right, and 2 hours along with 2 men who cant paint to save they life.....the woman who finished my toes, pretty much saved the terrible job that was done where I felt like I was able to walk out the door confidently...but I do not recommend at all for 58$ ....I think not...you can find better or if you do have to go here avoid the MEN....If this was the last place on earth you couldn't pay me to go in here....the last 3 pics at the bottom are 1week-2weeks weeks later and forget chipping the whole paint came off as if I had a fake nail on in one piece n this is what they call GEL POLISH PLEASSEEE...NEVERRRR AGAIN I REPEAT..NEVERRRRRRR...now that you know better, go and do better...this my 2nd time writing this review and the truth need to get heard...n if you dont see the pictures of my toes, in this post they hating and dont want to be exposed...you may find them in pictures, brown feet with white polish if you dont see under this post..I posted 5 pictures.

My very first time getting my feet done thank you for doing my feet I'm sorry I forgot her name she was patient she was gentle and I will be going to her every month


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